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This site is for classic Dungeons & Dragons, set in the Mystara game world This site is not intended for AD&D or later editions, but you may find the material here useful.

General Rules

Optional Rules - Here are some optional rules that you may want to adopt in a more basic type campaign.

DM Tips from the Astral Plane - Concentrate on role-playing monsters, think less of numbers.

Handling Poison - Provides a system for handling poisons that can be as complicated or as simple as desired.

image Hand Drawn Map - A hand drawn map of the Known World


Magic Item Tables - Generate more unique magical items rather than the boring sword +1

Exotic Weaponry - An extended weapon chart for some more exotic weapons

New Weapon System - This system is based on the premis that characters may try to use weapons either 1 handed or 2 handed

Modified Weapon Chart - A new and better alternative to the "New Weapon System" that allows characters to attempt at one or two-handed weapon


Monstrous Database - A database of older edition monsters and statistics.

The Beastiary - A collection of monsters

Random Encounters - A nice random encounter chart which is simpler and provides better encounters

Hollow World Creatures - Some suggested descriptions for monster personalities in the Hollow World

Printable Sheets

pdf Character Record Sheet - Simple sheet to keep track of character statistics

pdf Adventure Record Sheet - Quick chart to keep track of characters during an adventure

pdf Campaign Record Sheet - Calendar sheet to keep track of campaign details

pdf Combat Reference Sheet - Combat reference sheet containing charts for hit rolls, saving throws, and combat modifiers

pdf Traditional Character Sheet - Character sheet in a more tratiditional landscape format


Character Class Variations - This is based on the idea that players and the DM will build characters for a story line, not just to suit their gaming needs.

New Mystic Class - This is a combination of the Mystic/Monk classes

Modified Mystic/Monk - modified Mystic and Monk from Dragon Magazine 09/1981

Ranger - Upon reaching 9th level, a Neutral traveling fighter may elect to become a Ranger

Half-orc - Half-orcs stand between 5 1/2 and 6 feet tall, weighing in around 200 pounds


Spell Variations - A collection of spells based on other spells

The Wizard's Codex - A collection of magic-user spells

The Priest's Codex - A collection of cleric spells

Elf Spell List - A list of spells for Elves

Druid Spell List - A list of spells for Druids


pdf The Curse of Glantri - "So be it," intoned a deep voice, and the Dark Cleric smiled. Far, far away did the Beast's magic reach, and the cleric knew this.

pdf Dwarven Kingdom - "Dwarven Kingdom" is an adventure written for original D&D (for use with the D&D Cyclopedia). The original maps used were from TSR's B4 module known as "The Lost City." The adventure does not relate to the module in any way.


Prudence Decor - Prudence drew her sword, the Luckblade, in preparation for what might come.

The Isle of Dread - Viper couldn't believe he was able to trade his lantern and tinderbox for a man's daughter.

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