Heroes Only is for all faithful D&D players who enjoy a good game and having fun. Do not come here hoping to find AD&D. This site is against AD&D (particularly 2nd and 3rd edition) and the thousands of books written just to play. No friends, this site is ONLY FOR ORIGINAL DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.

About this site

It is meant for people who want more than kits, more than multi-classing, more than proficiencies, more than AD&D, but still giving players a character he/she wants to play! You'll not find any wimpy AD&D material here. Original D&D offers so much more than AD&D by encouraging people to think without rules, to be able to use their imagination without having it translated into numbers. Come join us, friend...

Pronoun Note

In the paragraph above, the pronoun slash reads "he/she." We hope that because he is first in the slash, that you don't take that as an indication that women should be excluded from the game, that more men play this game than women, that men are superior to women, that men should be regarded before women, that men are better gamers than women, or that men are the only ones that helped to create the game. Centuries of use have made pronoun slashes use the word "he" before "she." We don't know how it started or want it to continue and only put the "he" before the "she" in pronoun slashes to make it easier to the reader.

AD&D 1st ed: Brothers, you have strayed from the path, but we still admire your dedication. Help us against 2nd and 3rd ed.

Reasons not to like AD&D 2nd ed:

AD&D 3rd Ed.

There is now AD&D 3rd Edition, where they have dropped the "Advanced" in front of it. They claim that this is the 3rd edition of D&D but it is actually the 4th. Count them. In addition they are coming up with yet ANOTHER class called "sorcerer!" I had always thought magic came from some internal energy of the caster in the first place, which is why I never liked psionics. So even though people tried to claim how different psionics were from magic, I say to you, "what is the point?!" But with SORCERERS it's even WORSE! Read what Wizards of the Coast has to say about this and you will see why:

"Some spellcasters defer to musty tomes and arcane formulas to guide them in their magical pursuits. Some invoke the names of their patron deity, calling upon divine energies for their spells. Others have no scrolls, no holy symbols to aid them. They do not study magic, for their abilities are innate and driven by sheer will and natural talent. Such spellcasters are known as sorcerers, and in this last month before the release of the new Dungeons & Dragons, we'll examine the newest character class to the game."
-- from www.wizards.com

They repeatedly claim that D&D 3rd edition is so EASY to play. Well, here is a very informative site on the game. You try and tell me that this ISN'T 100 TIMES MORE COMPLICATED THAN AD&D EVER WAS!!!!

Sitting in on an AD&D game...

Everett: "My trollish Magitek casts Ionic Haste Missiles from the sphere of controllation, in the second form, centered on the head Gobushu Giant."

New Player: "Missiles?"

DM: "The Gobushu Giant has a Prismatic Shell on him."

Perry: "Bounce a Gilbey's Tickling Hand off Everett's Prismatic Wall onto the head of the Gobushu Giant."

New Player: "But doesn't it have a Prismatic Wall on it?"

Everett: "Prismatic SHELL."

Perry: "My psyonicist wants to grab Hank, the wizard/tattoo man/harper and use his Tetsubo of Growing Blizzard Ambers to blink to the Happy Hunting Grounds."

DM: "You have to have a Rhodegessa eye and a lion roar in a battle."

Perry: "Sh-"

New Player: "Uh, excuse me, what's the difference between a psyonicist and a wizard?"

Everett, Perry, and the DM look at him for 3 seconds then erupt in laughter and pointing.

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