The Postmodern Werewolf: part 1

A New Dark Age

2025: Year of the Helix. After decades of government fighting about genetics. World opinion has turned against geneticists. There is passing of laws in the United Nations that would eliminate everything concerning genetics. However, a grace period has been granted. Until these laws passed, scientists and citizens could do what they want without threat of prosecution. At the closing of the year, things became even worse as nuclear war happened. It started and ended before anyone could do anything.

The boy saw a hooded figure appear out of the sweltering heat. He ignored the person and returned to his work. However, he had other things to worry about and a stranger was the least of his concerns. His uncle has asked him to turn up the dirt so that they could plant crops. There was something else on his mind, but he still in denial because he wanted to be normal. His uncle, Peter, wasn't really his uncle. In fact, there was no biological relation. He knew that his uncle had found him on his doorstep one night about 13 years ago.

The stranger spoke with a masculine voice and said, "Do you have lodging for the night? I can provide services as payment." John shouted for his uncle. Peter arrived a few minutes later and said, "What services can you render to me?" The stranger removed his hood and said, "Well, the service isn't for you, but rather for this young man. I intend to help him with the changes in his life that have occurred recently." John got goose-bumps because it was as if he could sense that this man was not all he seemed. Peter said, "Go, boy. Talk with the man."

The two walked to the barn where it was time to feed the horses. John took the feed buckets and poured the feed into the troughs saying, "Well, speak." The man said, "My name is Richard. You and I are the same." John said, "I don't follow." Richard said, "You change during the full moon." John laughed nervously. Richard in anger grabbed the boy by the collar, let out a low growl, and his eyes became yellow as he said, "Listen up, wolfboy. Don't play dumb with me. We are werewolves." John let out a low growl and said, "What do you want with me?" He was surprised that he did. Richard said, "I want to train you so that you can control your powers and your destiny. If they know about you, they will use you to control humankind." John said, "Who are they?" Richard said, "Gallon's forces. I shall tell you how it all began."

That night Richard told him about a centuries' long war between two main factions of werewolves. He was told that those that sought to defeat humanity gathered around a being called Gallon descended from the first recorded one that participated in the Great Monster War. A werewolf known as Jon Talbain was a member of a group wanting to protect humanity." Peter knew what he had on his hands, but permitted this training. He had been taught that denying one's heritage was illogical. Throughout the next few months, he learned from Richard how to use his powers. Soon he could transform when he wanted to and he learned the technique known as the Beast Rush which Jon Talbain perfected all those centuries ago. Once Richard felt that John knew everything, he left after a few months.

Three years later...

"So you say you saw a thrope wanders around here. Probably wants old man Peter's livestock." "But Paul, there's not much there." Paul said, "That's probably right Tony, but meat is meat. Werewolves don't care how much there is. They take what they can and come back until there's nothing left I'm sure John has his hands full trying to combat the problem. I should give him some advice." Paul, Tony and their friends, Louis, Mark, and Chris ranged from their late teens to their early twenties. They didn't like monsters and werewolves were perhaps the lowest of them because when they were in their changed form, they had no recognizable human element except for the fact that they could be bipedal when they wanted to, but they knew that the ones in these parts and much everywhere else always walked on four legs and in packs because they wanted to strike fear. The friends patrolled the road and they were to turn around once they passed Peter's farm. Mark said, "Didn't the other men report that a thrope was sighed around here not to long ago?" Louis said, "Yea, and they probably believe it's the same one as last month and the one before that making it a regular. Perhaps we'll see it tonight. Let's patrol Peter's farm just to be sure."

"Well John time to go patrolling. Ready?" The response was a low growl accompanied by a yes nod. which Peter learned by now was an affirmative answer. Peter knew that he would never get a verbal response that he could understand because while John was in this form, he couldn't make human speech. By now he could understand what his nephew was trying to say through his series of pantomimes. So they stepped out the door and John began sniffing the air and numerous smells entered his snout. Peter said, "Anything?" John shook his head no. They went on their patrol around their farm. John knew the smell of monsters even in their human forms and he could detect no monsters, but he did detect other human smells besides his Uncle and they were coming this way. He gestured what he detected and Peter followed his nephew to where he was picking up the smell. John picked up intruders because he could hear five men jump over the fence. He growled and ran to where the sound was coming. No matter who they were, intruders were intruders. He gestured to his uncle that there were five human intruders on the farm. Peter said, "I don't care who they are, if they're intruding without permission, they'll pay."

Paul shouted, "What the..." A thrope pounced on him, bringing him to the ground and started to snarl. Peter said, "You heard him get off my property." Louis said, "It's a good thing we got here. This thrope was probably going to kill your livestock." Peter said, "Johnny wouldn't do a thing. John let the man go." The werewolf growled as if he had said, "I don't want to." Peter said, "Do it or you won't get any breakfast and you will still have to do your chores." The werewolf whimpered and walked on two legs back to his uncle with his tail between his legs. Mark said, "Is that really John?" Peter and John had started to go back to their house and Peter turned around for a second and said, "Yes he is." The group of young men wanted to do more there but Tony said, "I think my father should be interested in this development." The young men then went back to town.

"Really! A werewolf here?" Tony said, "Yes, Father. There's been a thrope living in our town for years." A man said, "But George, he's just a boy. We aren't as cold-blooded as their kind." George, the father of Tony, said, "Montgomery, he may be a boy, but an ordinary boy couldn't tear off your face with his fangs or rip out your guts with his claws." The other men nodded.

After Tony and his group had returned, his father had him summon all the men in the town with the youngest at 16. This meeting was to be a forum to discuss what to do about this development They finally agreed that the first thing was to prove that this werewolf was indeed John, once they did that, then they would talk about how to proceed.

The next night, Peter fell ill from a minor cold. John said, "You should stay in and keep warm. I'll patrol myself." Peter said, "Will you be all right boy?" John said, "I'll try." It was soon moon rise, so he went to go change clothes. His wolf clothes were a pair of old ragged jean shorts. Most werewolves didn't wear clothes, but those were primarily the bad ones. Besides he felt silly not wearing clothes. He changed into them just in time because pain was starting to grip his chest and he knew what was going to happen. First, his skin felt tingly as millions of hairs started to flare up and grow long until they formed a black and white coat of fur. He had black fur almost everywhere except his snout, the tip of his tail, and the lower part of his four limbs which were white as snow. Then bones started to crunch as his body twisted into another shape. His facial transformation was the most painful as the lower half of his face fused into a small snout and then grow outward until it was fully developed. His ears became pointed and his eyes turned from brown into yellow and a bushy tail came out. All this happened in his room and after the transformation, he went out his door and walked down the steps and saw Peter wrapped up in a blanket in front of a fireplace and drinking tea. He went to the kitchen where he had a small roast. He gulped it down and satisfied, John went out throwing the bones.

He trotted around the fence of his farm. The cool winter breeze flowed through his fur. He searched for a few hours and satisfied that he had done his job, he rolled around in the snow, but his happiness turned to anger and fear as he detected numerous human smells, dog smells, and the smell of smoke. He didn't know what to do. On one hand, he wanted to back to the house so he could safeguard his uncle, but he also wanted to lead these people far away because his uncle was sick and he didn't want him to get sicker. He decided the second option and started to run to the forest. His heart was beating hard in his chest with distress. Even with some Beast Rushes, he still couldn't shake them off because of those dumb dogs. He could hear the dogs coordinating with each combining their sense of smell. He heard the sound of a stream and perhaps he could lose them. He dived into the water and swam to the other side. Once there he shook off the water and his fur puffed up which he hated when it did. He knew of empty caves where he could hide in and hopefully they would lose interest and go home. He paused momentarily to wipe the sweat of his head, but he felt a net being thrown over him. He couldn't escape the net because the more he struggled, the more he got tangled, so he gave up.

The men threw him in a cage which they carried back to the village. Once there, they took the net off of him, but had their rifles on him so that he couldn't get away which they had them on him until they locked the cage. He howled in despair because he didn't know what they were going to do to him and he feared the worst.

While this was happening, Peter went to bed and hoped his nephew came back to the house to sleep. It wasn't right for a boy to be up all night long no matter what he was. Of course during these cold months, the boy didn't need a blanket and just slept curled up in front of the fireplace. Peter, as he climbed up the steps to his room, smirked as he remembered one time he found John curled up against the barn asleep in the middle of the night.

John looked at all the people that were gathered in front of the cage. Most of them looked very tired. That was probably because the men had woken everyone in the village to see the monster, but he was no monster. He knew that he looked very frightening, but he didn't need to try. He was the one that was frightened. He tried to be as scared as possible and huddled in a corner. It was probably having an impact because the people were starting to leave, but before the crowd went to far away, George said, "I'd like for everyone to be here at dawn so that they may see who it is, then we can move on to the trial." It was this trial that concerned him the most. He whimpered because he was too young to die. He grew tired and went to sleep. Some time later he heard a voice. He saw Montgomery, the kindly fix-it man. He was one of the oldest residents and before the war, he had been a techie when a computer technician was a new job position in the world. He said, "Hey, boy. Are you hungry?" John's eyes slowly opened and he yawned. He crawled out of the darkness and Montgomery held up a raw chicken. John could of salivated, but he remembered his manners and took the chicken in his hands and bowed. Bowing was his way of saying "Thank you." Montgomery went away and John ate the chicken. Any meat was delicious. After eating the chicken, he put the bones in the other corner and went to sleep.

Peter woke up feeling much better and went to his nephew's room. The bed was neatly made. He felt the bed and it felt like it hadn't been slept in. He walked down stairs calling John's name. He went outside and checked everywhere on the property, but couldn't find him. Peter then got the chills. He sighed, "Something must of happened to him." He went back to the house and fully dressed up. He took a horse and rode to town.

He was woken up by the sound of birds chirping. He knew it must be morning and woke up to find himself back to his human self as usual. He also woke up to the faces of the villagers. He said, "I'm hungry. Got any breakfast." A woman held up a bowl of scrambled eggs and a spoon. He ate the eggs and said, "Thank you." George said, "Now we can begin the trial because we can all see who and what you are." John said, "Where's my uncle?" George said, "Probably, back at that farm. Don't worry. Once we've dealt with you, he's next." John said, "Please let me go. I'm afraid." Silas, the town judge and minister snickered, "Well, now there's a change of venue. Most of us humans are afraid that at any time your kind will creep into town." John said, "I can't be held accountable for the actions of cold-hearted creatures." Silas said, "We all know what your kind is like." John said, "No you don't. You are too quick to judge." He looked up and he smiled as he saw Peter. Some of the men seized him and John said, "Let him go. It's me you want. Please don't hurt him." They let him go and allowed him to speak to his nephew. John told him the entire story of his capture. Peter said, "It's going to be all right. If there's going to be a trial, I'll represent you. After all we're being judged togeter."

Since he was normal, he was led in the courtroom in handcuffs and without his wolfen strength, he would be unable to break free. Silas presided over the case with a panel of 12 adults drawn from a hat. They could choose death, banishment, imprisonment, or nothing. For the next several days, his uncle and George debated their case. In the end, they found that John was peaceful. John was okay with this, just as long as they left him in peace. Peter was also found to be innocent of the charges that were brought against him.

2 years later...

"Hey, Johnny. Smell anything?" Paul asked. He got the usual reply. A low grunt with a head shaking no meant nothing yet. Paul, Tony, Louis, Mark, and Chris, along with their friend Johnny were out patrolling. The villagers felt the best way to combat lycanthropes was to have one as an ally. John had no problem with this because he loved the village and everyone in it also.

Johnny loved this work. Some might feel that his powers were being exploited, but he knew that the village had no real way of detecting monsters. Over the two years that he had helped the village, he had foiled a few intruders some monsters and other humans, one of which turned out to be a vampire. Only Johnny would be able to detect a vampire from a human once enough villagers suspected it. They managed to find him out before anyone had been killed. The vampire was put in a cage in the middle of the town and everyone saw him turn to dust when the sun rose.

They knew that there were some peaceful vampires, but he bore all the signs of being allied with Dracula or his son Dimitri. Dracula had another son named Alucard who was helping the hunters thwart his plans. The most famous of the hunter clans was the Belmont family. John even met one of the Belmonts who was traveling in the area. This member of the Belmont family, named Derek, was his age, but he knew that the young hunter was years ahead of him in training because the Belmonts spent their whole lives figuring out vampires. He was amazed by John's talent. He said, "So your sense of smell even works in your human form?" John said, "Yes, as well as my hearing." Derek asked, "So I hear you're supposedly descended from Jon Talbian." John said, "Yea, that's right. I don't know my family. I suppose I should try to find them someday." Derek said, "Well, my family lives near the Appalachia mountains. If you ever want to find them, I'm sure I can help you." Derek Belmont then left town after a few days.

The team patrolled the entirety of town and went home. John waved to his friends and walked back to his farm when it started to snow lightly. He looked around and he howled at the full moon. He usually didn't because it freaked out the townspeople, but no one was around or so he thought because he soon picked up a lycanthrope scent. He couldn't tell who it was, but it wasn't Richard because he learned his scent. He proceeded to growl and was confronted by a werewolf his own age. He said, "Hello brother, my name is Don. Where are you going?" John said, "None of your business." To the human ear, it sounded like two canines making noise, but it was understandable speech to werewolves. Don gave a low growl and said, "Come on now, come with me. We need guys like you." John said, "Just who are you?" Don said, "I represent a small pack of werewolves who are seeking to destroy this human town." John thought that they were asking him for his help in destroying his friends, he had to prevent that, but how? John said, "Can I think about it?" Don said, "Sure, I'll give you one day. I'll see you along this road." John said, "Fine, but don't follow me home."

John made it home and he wasn't followed and he was careful about leaving his scent lying around. He was very tired because his team was very rowdy and they made him tired so he went straight to bed.

The next morning, he woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. He did his morning chores and then he went to school. Classes took place in a real school building that somehow survived the war. John said, "Hi Jenna. How are you this morning?" Jenna said, "All right wolfy, but I'm very tired. My baby brother wouldn't stop crying all night." John and Jenna had known each other for as long as they could remember. Even when John's true nature was revealed, they remained the best of friends. In fact, she often joked with him about what he was. He would say things like, "What would your father say?" Even though she was the minister's daughter, she gave little notice to church stuff. It was her older brother Percy who gave importance to all that stuff. Even though he was a bookworm, he was cool enough to be popular. Subjects went on in this room and a few others. All schooling for this town took place in this building. This town was the only civilized place for miles. It was amazing how they could fill all those positions, but could because teaching the subjects was an apprenticeship. All the teachers had a personal student who would carry on when they got too old. John was relieved that class period was over. He then made his way to Silas's office in the church. He made sure that no monsters were in the area.

The door knocked "Yes? Oh, its you, John. What do you want?" Silas, being the town minister, took longer than the rest of the town to trust John, but he now found the young man a model citizen. The middle aged minister knew about evil creatures, but John was a good creature and used his abilities as a werewolf to help people. Silas said, "Well, what can I do for you?" John said, "After last night's patrol, I was confronted by another lycanthrope. I sensed what was in his heart because he wanted my help to take over this town. I lied when I said that I would think about it. I don't want this town to go under. I plan to find out where their den is and when the time is right, the men can go in and destroy it. However, let me get some information first." Silas said, "Thanks boy. I'll talk to the rest of the men." John said, "There might be spies about town, so keep meetings to one on one and relay the message that way. You won't be able to smell them out so this method insures that they won't tell the difference.

The next night, he was again confronted by Don in the same manner. He told his uncle that he might be home late and he also told him of his plan. Don said, "Well? Will you join us?" John said, "Yea, but I'd like to meet the rest of your pack and your den. I'm hungry and tired." Don didn't suspect a thing because the two went straight there. There were others there and they were feasting upon deer and other forest prey. The alpha, who was called Erik, offered a live white rabbit to John. John really was hungry and since no one from town was here, he accepted the present and John resorted to primal instinct and ended the bunny's life and satisfied his own hunger. He usually didn't eat fresh prey like a wolf preferring to act proper, but he had to make the others believe. Erik said, "Well, I hope it was delicious." John's tongue licked his mouth and replied, "It was." Erik said, "We are all kin. All lycantropes everywhere are kin."

During the next few months, he kept up appearances and got to know Erik's pack quite well. He passed that information on to Silas. They made their plan. The pack during the morning would not be in the cave, so John took a bomb to the cave. It slowly counted down and exploded with Erik and his pack in. John was safe because he was never suspected.

John's spirit was troubled because he knew murder was wrong, but Silas said, "Well yes, but it's our duty to defend ourselves against such beings.. You did our town a great service."

Two years later...

"Can't we change your mind?" John said, "No Silas. I'm an adult now. I need to find my parents." John had told Peter of his plans and he consented. All ne needed was the blessing of the minister. Silas said, "Very well." The minister then gave his blessing and said a prayer to keep him safe on his journey.

John knew his designation. His goal was the Appalachia mountains where Derek Belmont lived. John hadn't seen him in years. Who knows how far he had come being a hunter. Before he left, Silas had given him a map. The mountains were quite a distance away. It would take months to get there. He never got cold during cold spells because he had his fur which he kept on all the time. No human would suspect it because he had a jacket on over his shirt, so people wouldn't know he had fur even if they patted him down. His face and mannerisms were very much human as were his hands. He never got hungry because once he set up camp he would go hunt the only way his own kind knew how. Being a werewolf also protected him against bandits. Finally, he arrived at his goal. He thought that he would have difficulty locating the right town, but he managed it somehow.

In this town, people stared at him. John guessed that they were cautious of strangers. He asked an old woman who passed him by, "Do you know where the Belmonts live?" She said, "Which one. This town's full of them. Don't you know that this is the vampire slayer capital of the world?" John said, "No. I am from out of town. I need to find Derek Belmont." Her eyes lit up as she said, "Oh, you can't miss it because it's the largest building. The one that has the crest of the family on the fence." John said, "Thank you." John located the building without difficulty. As he approached the building, he heard a lot of noise. He crept to the side and saw what looked like a large room with men and women of various ages. Some were sparring and others were practicing on dummies. A booming voice shouted from behind and said in a very loud voice, "What are you doing here spy!" John turned around frightened. John started to mutter, "Uh, I'm here to see Derek?" The man said,"What business do you have with my son?" John said, "He said that if I wanted to find my family he said that he would help. Please don't hurt me." "Father, don't hurt him. He's telling the truth." John said, "Derek, you're here. I was concerned that I was going to get hurt." Derek smirked, "You thought you were going to be hurt. I thought werewolves were supposed to be brave." John said, "Well, your father is intimidating." The man said, "You're John? I've heard about you. Why didn't you say so?" With that the man's demeanor changed for the better and they led him in the house.

The man said, "My name's Samuel. This is the official residence of the Belmonts. We came over from Europe. Specifically, from Romania. It was where it all began, at least with vampires. Have you ever read Bram Stoker's Dracula?" John said, "No I haven't." Samuel said, "Well, that is what happened mostly. You see Bram was descended of someone who experienced what went on and was so overcome by his experiences, that he decided to pass on the story. Bram was fascinated so he wrote it in a book. Some things were changed, but I'd say that 95% of it happened." John said, "Does Dracula still exist?" Derek said, "Perhaps, but because of the nuclear war, there are hardly anyone still alive in that part of the world. He can't advance very far. I wish that we knew what was going on. Come on, you must be hungry."

Supper took place in a big hall with the Belmonts who lived in this house at the front table with their relatives and their students at the smaller tables. John was asked to sit at the main table. He could of politely declined the offer, but didn't want to be rude. He was served things he never had before, but ate anyway.

John slept in Derek's room on the top floor of the mansion. Up there it was cold and since it was winter, it was more cold Derek asked, "Do you want me to give you some of my blankets?" John said, "No thank you. I have my own way to keep warm." Derek couldn't believe his eyes, John started to transform in front of his eyes. Derek asked, "Are you going to be okay?" John gave him a thumbs up and curled up on the floor. Derek shrugged his shoulders and went to sleep.

In the morning, he found John still in his wolf form sleeping. Derek whispered, "John, it's morning." John woke up, yawned, stretched, transformed back to his human self, and washed up. They went downstairs and had breakfast. Afterwards, John asked, "Okay, so how do we find my parents?" Derek said, "It won't be easy. Do know anything about them?" John said, "No not really. I'm told I look Japanese. My uncle knows the day that I was left." Derek said, "All right, I think we can go on that info. Come with me?" The young men went to the basement which held some sort of library. Derek went to some kind of machine and John asked what it was. Derek said, "It's a computer. We will use it to contact the others." John said, "The others?" Derek said, "The other Hunters. They will be here in a few weeks." Derek said, "Just how will monster hunters help me find my parents?" Derek said, "The others are about our age and their various skills can help us. Who knows what we'll face." He then showed pictures of who was going to travel with them. There was Brent DyNasty the pirate, Mandi Belnades a sorceress who was a distant relative of Derek, Travis Oldrey a guard, and Damien a vampire who was the grandson of Alucard. Derek identified John being the token werewolf.

John had met a descendent of Cornell another legendary werewolf a few months back by the name of Wyatt. Amazingly, he was the son of Richard who taught John how to use his powers. Josh was sent by his father to see how John was doing.

About a month later the gang arrived. For the next few days, they planed what they were going to do. Mandi said, "Well we could check the records for births around the time that John said. Perhaps check the logs of purity rituals performed in that region and time." John asked, "Why rituals?" Damien said, "If the clergy found out about her, there would have to be some kind of record. However, we can't know for sure what kind of union there was. Either one could of been a lycanthrope, maybe both." However, we should assume that the father was a werewolf and the mother was human. Plus maybe the mother's husband found out and they disposed of the child rather than let it be destroyed. The clergy would of killed the child, but only put the mother through an extreme purity ritual to cleanse her body." Derek told John that Damien knew what he was talking about. After living so long, one knew things about religion. Damien had been searching for a way to cleanse himself of the evil that was still in him since his ancestor was Dracula. However, for the most part he was good. After days of research, they managed to pinpoint the location. To John's surprise, it turned out to be one of the nearest towns to his own. So the group gathered their things and set off to the west. However, Damien needed to stay out of the sun so during the day time, he was in bat form in old birdcage. When the sun faded from view they let him out and he turned back into his regular form. He was mostly responsible for night watch. Mandi set up a magic circle around their camp so they would know if anyone intruded. Soon they made it to the town after dark. Damien looked as if he hit a wall. He said, "There must be a spell blocking my access. Mandi, how about some help?" Her hands glowed and the seal was dispelled for them alone. It would keep others out. They searched for a inn to stay out, but before they could, Damien said, "I think it would be wise for me to leave, but I'll stay in town." They saw him turn into a bat and fly to the clock tower that in the middle of the town. He would be safe until they left town. They saw as his choice being very ingenious. Vampires were very easy to figure out because of the sun's effect on them. They then searched for a inn to stay at. Mandi would get her own room which was between a room occupied by two of her friends. Derek and John were in the room to the left and Brent and Travis were in the room to her right. In the morning they set out to find the minister. Too bad Damien couldn't join them, he was probably asleep by now in the clock tower. Brent and Travis went in one direction and Derek, Mandi, and John went in another asking for the town minister. Brent and Travis ended up find out where the minister lived. They gathered and went to the house of Jeremiah Wilson.

He said, "Yes. What do you want?" John said, "I need your help. An associate of mine is looking for his parents. One of them might have undergone a purity ritual in 2025?" Jeremiah said, "Yes we do have a case from that year, had relations with a nonhuman from what I remember. Even though it was against her will, the law is still clear." John said, "That would probably be right." The minister said, "You're friends with a lycanthrope?" John lied again and said, "Not really, he was killed somewhat soon after we found him. I took it upon myself to notify his parents." Jeremiah said, "Hmm, too nice to refuse even a monster?" John nodded. Jeremiah showed them a map and pointed to a house. He said, "They live here. She had been cloistered for seven years after we found out, but before the child could be found, they sent it away. We have been unable to find it, but thanks for doing your part. After she was released she went back to her husband and they had a son named Joey. He's ten." The five left the church. Derek asked, "Do you want us to go with you?" John said, "No. This is something I have to do myself."

The house was very simple and quaint which he liked. He knocked on the door and a boy appeared. The boy didn't look like him. He had brown hair and round eyes, but his ears looked familiar. He said, "Is your mother home?" The boy said, "Yea, why do you need to see her?" John said, "My own business. It is imperative that I speak to her alone." Joey shouted, "Mom, somebody at the door." A woman came down the steps. She looked old for her age. John knew, from what he knew of cleansing rituals, they wore people out and they didn't age good. John said, "My name is John. I come from a town not far from here. I bring you a message for your ears only." She said, "Very well." He followed her into a study and she closed the door. She then went to a couch and said, "Yes. What is this message." John listened to see if anyone was within hearing distance and when he knew it was safe, he told his message. He said, "I told the town minister a lie to locate you. For years I had wondered what my parents were like. I wasn't certain who they were. I was only certain I was left on the doorstep of a farmhouse because of what I was. I know that I'll never be able to locate my father because of what he is, but I could have better luck locating my mother. I believe I am your son." She was speechless. John said, "I am an 18 years old werewolf, do you think that sounds about right." She tried to regain her composure. She said, "They said if I didn't get rid of the baby, I'll be killed. Are you really what you say you are?" John nodded. She said, "Transform if you are able to." John said, "You won't be afraid?" She shook her head, but he knew that she was probably afraid. However, he focused his energy and soon his other self showed itself. She saw the werewolf before her. The markings were very similar to the one that had raped her all those years ago, but this one had black fur instead of grey fur. She was overwhelmed and she screamed. A man rushed in before he could change back and he had a rifle aimed at him. John used a Beast Rush and dived out the window. He didn't care about leaving a trail, he just didn't want to be killed. He went into the toolshed and realized his mistake when he head footsteps. He then did the only thing he knew since transforming back would only confirm things. He was behind a wheelbarrow shivering from fright. The man still had his rifle aimed at him. John started to whimper. Tears were coming out of his eyes. He then heard Mandi's voice shout out, "No. Please don't hurt him." The man said, "This thrope frightened my wife." Mandi said, "This young man has been looking for his mother. Every sign points to your wife." The man said, "Yea she gave birth to a werewolf cub but we left it in the cold in a nearby town." Mandi said, "Well it turns out that he was found by the owner of that farm you left him at." The man, still having his rifle pointed at the werewolf said, "Is that a fact?" Mandi said, "He's not dangerous. Isn't that right Johnny?" The werewolf nodded. Mandi said, "Your scaring him. Give him some room." The man backed up, but still had his rifle aimed. John's eyes closed and he reverted back to his human shape. John said, "Please let me go. I just came to see my mother." The man said, "Werewolves don't have real mothers. How could a monster have a mother?" John said, "I do. I've been searching for her for months since I've turned 18. I need to fill that emptiness that's inside." The man groaned, "All right, but I'm warning you. If you lay a hand on my wife, I'll kill you." The man led him back to the house as John told Mandi that he would be all right. His mother had regained her composure and she was not alone because her husband and son were there with her.

Joey asked, "Are you really a werewolf?" John said, "Yes, but I'm a good one." The man, Albert said, "That remains to be seen." John said, "Listen, father. I'm telling the truth." Albert said, "Don't call me that. Just having you in this house gives me the chills." John said, "What else am I supposed to call you. You're married to my mother and I'll probably never know my real father. I never called Peter father, only uncle. However, you are the closest thing I'll ever come to having a father. Please don't refuse me."

The group stayed in that town for a few days and were about to leave when the town guards came and arrested John. Apparently rumor had spread about what he was. Jeremiah dictated that he must undergo rituals to determine if he was good. John thought that these tests were going to be very difficult, but he passed each one. Jeremiah couldn't believe it, but he had to obey the will of God because He was on the side of good. He declared that John was welcome to come and go as he pleased. Albert and Susan accepted this young man as their son and Joey was glad to have an older brother. John talked it over with them and decided that he could live with them so he could get to know them. He asked his friends to send a message to his uncle.

During the next few weeks, he got to know his real family. There was no room where he could stay, but Joey said, "He can share my room." The parents thought it over and approved of it. No one would dare break into their house, but John said, "I would not cause physical injury because I would probably hold them off the ground." The people of that town were even slower to accept him than those in his hometown. One night, Joey asked his half-brother, "Can I see you transform?" Johnny said, "Wouldn't that frighten you?" Joey shook his head, but Johnny said, "No. I don't want to frighten you." For the next few months, Joey only saw his brother either in his wolf form or his human form, never one going into the other. However, he saw the transformation one night.

John was having a nightmare he tossed and turned on his sleeping mat. His brother woke up to the noise. John was dreaming that he was a boy again and he had been cornered in a cave by men who wished them harm. The boy had only transformed during the full moon a few times and he knew that if he was going to get out alive, he needed to transform, but didn't know if he could during other times. The men started to beat him and his emotions surged triggering a transformation in the dream. Normally, he would not transform for real, but sometimes when a dream was very powerful it triggered a transformation for real. Joey started to realize what was happening and wished that he never asked his brother to transform in front of him. He backed away as far as possible and looked on with horror. Soon his brother settled down and slept soundly. Joey slowly crawled back to bed and went back to sleep. In the morning he woke to some strange sounds and Joey slowly opened his eyes. Since the sun was peeking through, he got a better view of the transformation. His brother was in his underwear with fur all over his body with a tail sticking out of the back. Slowly the fur started to get shorter, the body structure changed, and the tail got shorter until it disappeared in the underwear. His brother turned around, shocked, but otherwise looked completely normal.

He said, "You saw me. I hope I didn't scare you?" Joey shook his head, but John know that his brother was lying. Joey said, "That was amazing. I saw you during the night because you were moaning since you were having a nightmare. John remembered it, and realized what had happened. He said, "I'm sorry if I frightened you." Joey said, "That's okay. Perhaps you don't need to transform all alone. I don't mind." They talked it over some more since John had some concerns, but gave in. After that, Joey saw his brother transform all the time during full moons and whenever his brother felt like it.

One night they were coming back from hunting when they saw the entire town in flames. Demons were attacking the town and killing the people. John knew what to do and he had to force Joey to go with him because he wanted to go home. Joey was screaming for his parents, but John knew that they could do nothing to help them because they would be killed also. John might be able to handle a demon or two, but not 25 of them. They found a cave and he motioned for his brother to go to sleep. The werewolf kept watch while his brother tried to sleep. In the morning, the two brothers went back to the village, but John kept a steady nose and ear so that he could prepare in time for any attack.

Not much was left of the town. Even in his human state, John had a good sense of smell and it was bothering him. His ears heard nothing alive except flies. They went to their smoldering house, but John held him tight away from the house because he knew what happened. He started to cry, grief surged and he howled in sadness. Joey on the other hand was too dazed to do anything, but he said, "Where are we supposed to go?" John wasn't sure since they were alone and they had nothing with them. While they could go to directly to John's first home, John wanted his brother to be like him because they were the family they had, but he didn't want to do it the only way he knew how. There was one person who would know what to do.

"So that's the whole story". John had managed to locate Mandi Belandes in the ancient town of Salem and he told everything that had happened to them to her. She pondered over the plan that was presented. She said, "Well, transformations aren't really my thing. As you know, my specialty is projectile magic. However, it is possible. I'll ask my teacher in the morning. The brothers stayed in one of the guest rooms. In the morning they brothers followed Mandi to a building in the middle of town. Her teacher was an old man that could of passed for being Merlin. Salem since the nuclear war had gone back to its roots, but instead of persecuting sorcery, it embraced it. The man understood what the older brother wanted.

He said, "Why don't you just bite him." John said, "I can't bite my brother. There must be a better way." The old man, Michael, said "There are many ways to pass the lycanthrope condition to regular humans. An physical injury is the most common way like a bite or a scratch. However we could use an energy transfer. That way the only way to pass it is through the genes. Essentially what we would do would be to take a wolf pelt and put it on him. You, as the werewolf would use your saliva and coat the pelt and lay it on your brother bonding human skin and wolf pelt while I do the incantation. Uh, what kind of fur pattern would you like for him the wolf's or your own?" John said, "I think that's up to my brother." On their journey to Salem, John talked with Joey about his plan. Joey said, "I would like a pattern like my brother's except the color of my hair instead of black." Michael said, "All right. I'll send the men to trap a wolf."

A few days later, the men captured a male wolf. They skinned it and presented the pelt. They had to be careful not to damage the pelt that much or else it wouldn't do any good. The incantation would take place when the full moon rose. Michael was assisted by Mandi. In his wolf form, John spit all over the pelt and they put it over Joey's back. They then began the ritual. Afterwards, Michael told John that they would know if it was a success the next full moon period. For the next month the two brothers helped Mandi's family whenever possible. It was then the day of the first full moon of that period. John had told his brother what would happen. However, John completely understand what would happen to him even if he didn't fathom the pain it would cause. John asked Mr. Francis Belnades if they could use the barn to undergo their transformations. The moon finally rose. Joey was gripped by searing pain. It was the most painful thing he had ever experienced and he screamed as loud as his changing vocal cords could, but as painfully and unexpected it began, it was quietly and quickly over. John by now didn't have problems because the transformation only caused a slight discomfort

The brothers looked at each other. John thought that Joey looked much like he did except his fur was brown and white while his was black and white. However, they both had monochromatic vision so they weren't really sure. Joey brought his paws to where he could see them. He couldn't believe it. Already strange sensations bombarded his nose and ears. John then began to speak. He said, "Are you all right?" Joey said, "I think I am, but I'm hungry." John laughed. Every vocal sound they made was unintelligible to humans. It was then time to fetch their supper.

Joey copied his brother's every move. The brothers crept through the woods on all fours which was strange to Joey, but he figured it was normal. They spied a deer out drinking water from a pond. John motioned for his brother to not make a sound. He sat on the ground and watched his brother creeping in closer and closer without the deer knowing. Before it knew it, death was upon the deer. As they ate the deer raw there on the forest ground, John told his brother that he would teach him all that he knew. In the morning they thanked Mandi for everything she did and went home.

After a few months of travel, they made it back to John's hometown which was now Joey's hometown. For the next few years, John trained his younger brother in everything he had learned long ago.

Three Years later...

John and Joey were going through the forest. During the night of the full moon, it was customary for them go hunt for their supper. The two brothers would team up to find deer or some other thing. One would sniff out the prey and the other would stalk and attack. They would switch roles every time Peter wanted them to catch supper which was once a week. The other days they would eat chicken or fish. Tonight was John's night to smell out the prey. Of course, he wished that his brother would go for the throat, but Joey preferred to go for the legs to cripple it. After bringing the doe down and biting the throat, John said, "I wish you would go for the throat. All that is unnecessary." Joey said, "If I was fast as you, I would, but I'm only 13." John groaned, "Whatever. At least you got her." John went to go pick up the carcass, but Joey growled, "Aw come on I want to carry it by myself." John said, "Okay, pick it up." Joey picked up the fresh kill, but his knees buckled and he collapsed under the weight." John laughed and picked up the carcass saying, "Maybe someday little bro."

By the time they got back, Peter was already chopping up vegetables. Peter because of health reasons, the only animal matter he ate was fish. Normally, they would eat at the table, but the night was the night of the full moon, only raw meat tonight for the two brothers. They had taken the carcass to the barn so they could eat in peace. The two brothers would tear it in half and they would eat by themselves. Afterwards, they went to the well to draw water to wash their faces of the blood. They then went inside the house to their room and slept.

In the morning, the two brothers after having breakfast, went to town for the day. While Joey went to school, John worked with the blacksmith. The blacksmith wanted someone young and strong. Blacksmithing was one of the largest businesses in town and Carl Fuller needed many helpers. John's job was operating the huge bellows that operated the center furnace that all the employees did their work if it was something huge. Surprisingly, he was the only one that was strong enough to operate the bellows as long as he could. He needed only one relief. Before John worked, four average men had to switch the operation. These men weren't angry because there was plenty of work to go around there.

Jenna was becoming attracted to John and wondered if he felt the same way. John did, but didn't want to act on his feelings and he wasn't sure if she loved him. As far as each knew the other person just though they were best friends. She was a delicate lady and he was a werewolf. There were so many reasons why that wasn't a good match. As much as he wanted to be with her, he knew he couldn't. He would try to seek one of his own, but he didn't know of any females. Plus were there any as kind as he was? Was he the only werewolf in the region that liked to be with people? He was in limbo. He asked Peter, but could offer no such advice about love. He then decided to ask Silas, but as much as the two got along, he didn't know how he would react.

John knocked on Silas's office door. He heard "Come in." John stepped in and Silas looked up. He said, "What can I do for you?" John breathed deeply choosing his words. Silas noted that something was troubling the young man and said, "Is something wrong?" John said, "I think Jenna is in love with me. I don't know what to do because of what I am." Silas said, "Hmm. What feeling do you have for her. Be honest." John said, "I like her a lot, but as much as I want to be with her, I know that can't be. It's just wrong." Silas said, "It's not wrong to be in love. Wait, are you saying that because she's human and you're a werewolf, you don't want to be in love with her preferring one of your own?" John said, "Yes, but I don't know of any werewolves that have the same relation with humans. I don't want to be with a female that wants to kill people." Silas said, "I see your dilemma now. If you and my daughter want to be together, I can't say no. You're a good person and I can't imagine a better match. I shall speak to my daughter."

After supper Silas talked to Jenna about love. He said, "Do you love John?" She said, "Yes. I do, but I'm not sure if he loves me. These days when we talk, he's so nervous." He said, "He does love you, but isn't doing anything about it because he's a werewolf. He think's it is wrong." She said, "I don't care what he is because I love him."

The two young people eventually got along fine and everything was normal again and they dated. They would walk about town at all times of the day, even if John was in his werewolf form. She felt perfectly safe. They soon planed to marry.

The job paid well and Peter used the money to make much needed improvements upon the property and replace outdated equipment. The brothers got together for lunch at the local delicatessen which was the place that the locals liked best. They talked while they ate, but it was soon time to get back to work. At the end of the day, the brothers went back home.

On the way home, they met this odd man, John thought that this man was stranger than Richard who he hadn't seen in many years. The man said, "My name is Theodore Sorenson. Have you ever wished that all of this never happened? The nuclear war shouldn't have happened." John said who he was and what this has to do with him. Theodore said, "I hear you are special. Perhaps you are the one that can set things right again and give back all those people their lives." John said, "If your thinking of time travel. It doesn't exist. Even if it did. There's nothing on earth that would be capable of doing something like that because technology is shunned." Theodore said, "I represent a secret group that assembled the finest and build a real time machine. We need someone like you to prevent the disaster." John thought long and hard about it and said, "What do I have to do?" Joey said, "Are you crazy? You going along with the plan to erase everything that has happened for the past 21 years. What about you, what about me, what about Jenna?" John said, "I learned long ago that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Tell Peter that I'm leaving and might not be back." The brothers then said long goodbyes. Joey went in one direction and John went with Theodore in another direction.

It took months, but they made it to the destination somewhere in the desert. John saw a rusted sign that said Area 51. As they walked deep into the base, Theodore said, "This base has been frozen somewhat in time, no pun intended. While the rest of the world has gone backward, we have gone forward. We now have the technological knowhow to build a time machine which we did. The machine is set for the right time in the same location. You will go back in time 21 years and warn about the nuclear war. We will give you all the files you need." John said, "How do I get back?" Theodore said, "Although the machine takes you back, you can't return. You will know the things to get along in the new life as well as your old life. If the mission is successful, the morning after, you will wake up in the present in your new life, that is if you were born before the apocalypse." John said, "I was conceived before it because I was born about 6 months afterwards. But what if it is unsuccessful?" Theodore said, "The device we'll give you is tied into your lifesigns. If you somehow die, everything will repeat from the time you appear in the past. However, if the mission is successful and you die in the process, then time will resume normal. The mission is top priority and all this will be like a dream to you. Also, if nuclear war happens, the device will detect the rise in global radiation and repeat. You will retain the memories of the previous timeline. You will have an entire year to prevent the disaster. Let's get started."

John was given a bag. It looked more like a purse, but Theodore said, "Decades ago, the Pony Express used these to deliver the mail. It has the necessary info. The backpack has the necessary stuff." Before he was led into the room where the time machine was, he was given simple military fatigues that minor soldiers would wear. He was told to stand in the tube shaped apparatus. Technicians operated the machinery and he was soon enveloped in a column of bright blue light and everything got too bright to see.

The brightness dimmed and John became aware of his surroundings. He looked around and immediately guards were running to him shouting, "Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your back! Now!" John got down the ground and moaned. If things were going to start like this every time it was going to get old fast. Handcuffs were placed on him, a blindfold was put over his eyes, and he was led to a cell. The guards confiscated his things and they threw him in after they took the cuffs and the blindfold off him. All along, their rifles were upon him. His cell was under surveillance all the time. His animal instincts took over and he started to pace the cell like a caged animal. He then heard footsteps knocking on the cold cement. The guards opened the cell and put the cuffs and the blindfold back on him to led him to some place. He eventually was told to sit down. The cuffs were released but put back on. The blindfold was taken off and the guards went to the door and guarded it. John found himself strapped to the wooden chair. He was in front of an older man that he didn't recognize. The man said, "Who are you? What's your rank? How did you get here?" John said, "My name is John Jecong. I have no rank. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how I got here." The man said, "You will call me Gen. Thompson. If you have no rank, why are you wearing that?" John said, "Someone gave it to me to wear." Thompson said, "Who?" John said, "A man named Sorenson who works here. Please give me back my bag. It is imperative that I give it to the correct people." Thompson said, "What's on the disk." John said, "I wasn't told, but it might prevent nuclear war." Thompson said, "That brings me to my earlier question. Where did you come from. Report says you just appeared out of nowhere." John said, "I was sent from 21 years in the future where the world is a wasteland because of nuclear war. Theodore Sorenson enlisted me, a civilian to try set things right." Thompson said, "He's a minor worker here. He would send you?" John said, "Yes, but from what I understand, he moved up in the organization. I've delivered the information. You need to give it to the people that it's for. I'm leaving this base for someplace better before nightfall." Thompson said, "Nightfall. What about nightfall?" John asked, "Is this the night of a full moon?" Thompson said, "Why the moon?" John said, "You wouldn't like it if I told." Thompson said, "I have ultimate authority on this base and I order you to tell me." John said, "All right. I'm a werewolf." Thompson said, "Those are just old superstitions. There are no such things. I'll need to verify the information that you gave us. Take him back to his cell." They led him back to the cell the same way. John was given a midday meal and supper. He looked at the small windows that were atop the wall across from him. The sun was getting dark. He prepared for the moon to rise by taking off his shoes and socks so that they wouldn't be messed up also removing the jacket but keeping the black t-shirt on. It was then time. He changed without barely a whisper since he was so used to the pain that accompanied it.

The guards were looking at the monitors and one of the exclaimed, "What?" The other guard looked at the monitor and asked that General Thompson come to the security room.

Thompson came to the room peeved. He said, "I was relaxing by reading the funnies in today's paper. What did you need me for?" They pointed to the screen and he said, "What's that wolf creature. I've never seen a wolf like that." The guards keyed in some commands to have one of the monitors play back the scene. Thompson was horrified. The young man spoke the truth and they ran to the cell while two guards came in to keep watch on the monitors. They kept their distance from the cell looking at the creature stretching. It looked up and waved. The clothes were a little torn especially the pants since a tail was moving in the back and the legs were shaped differently Thompson said, "You spoke the truth." John nodded. Thompson said scared, "What do you want?" John pointed to his mouth and licked it indicating he was hungry. One of the guards said, "I think he's hungry." Thompson said, "Then go get him some chicken or some ribs or something from the kitchen." The guard ran and came back a few minutes later with a turkey. He removed the wrapping and threw it into the cell when they opened it. The werewolf moved at a blinding speed and caught it. They closed the cell and let it feed. The general and the guards went away.

"Keep close tabs on him as I review the information." Thompson went back to his office and put the odd disk into the computer. In it was a letter from Sorenson and himself stating that a special visitor brings these files in order to advert disaster. At first the General didn't believe what he was told, but after witnessing the young man's transformation, the story must be true, but then again, who ever heard of a werewolf. Since he had reasonable cause, he passed the information along to the correct people along with a copy of John's transformation and a cover letter to be sent along various channels.

Through quick action, the ultimate disaster was averted. However, John wouldn't live to see it. After the disaster was averted, but before he was to go back to the future since he would only go back when the first missile was supposed to be launched, he was killed. The guards that were to take him to the destination were bribed by a foreign power. Nuclear disaster was one thing, but a disaster of another kind could come about with monsters taking over the world. The guards were bribed to do what they could so they drove deep into the desert and shot him before he could do anything about it. They buried him in the desert sands and took off. However, the unborn child was safe.

In the spirit world where those that have passed and those that have yet to be, two spirits of the same person meet. John newly a spirit, tells the being of light, "I no longer exist, but I give you all my powers to you, that one day they will arise in you. You won't know who I am or how you came to know this because it will be buried deep within you." John transforms into a being of light and the two lights twisted and formed into one being of light that awaited to become a physical entity.