The Flight from Home

by Angelo Bertolli
The flight from Home is heavy.
Never let it happen to you.
The Innocence quickly swallowed,
The Darkness easily shrouds.

When the black Arms close,
You can't believe the helplessness.
Defenseless becomes your name.
And you must let go of everything.

You let go of all you had before
With sorrow in your heart.
You don't realize the true Emptiness
Because it has yet to come.

When the Emptiness comes,
You will know that the Darkness
That devours your soul
Cannot be dispelled by mortals.

Life satisfied yet sad
Purpose and meaning with regret
The Void of worth stays
As pure as the midnight sun--it calls your name

The faster you fill the Emptiness
The more the Emptiness grows.
And, when you finally realize the Time of Leaving,
You regret the flight from Home.