The Chronicles of Gandalph


The Chronicles of Gandalph are journal entries and stories about Gandalph. Gandalph was raised as an orphan in a school of magic located in Glantri city. While he was still young, he attained the Amulet of Ultimate Wisdom as well as the title "Evilman Killer". Using the powers of the Holy Grail, he defeated the amber dragon, Veledam. He became Baron of Malpheggi under the King of Glantri and ruled over the swamps from an abandoned castle. He accidentally destroyed the village of Darokin by losing control of an earth elemental. Years later, he commereated the village by giving it's name to a village he financed and helped construct for a tribal band of swamp elves. He married Krissella, daughter of the Baronness of Kelven, but the union didn't last. The Dark PaladinGandalph sometimes acted with questionable morality, such as sleeping with other women or staging a false resucue of Glantri city when it was mysteriously attacked by an earth elemental. But he has always ended up confessing to the surprised king or furious girlfriend. He convinced the dwarves of Granite Falls to enter into the civil war on the Grand Duch's side. He served as magus to the King of Selenica and ruled briefly during a time when the king had stepped down. He played a major part in defeating the Dark Paladin's men in a representational fight over the rule of Selenica. Later that same day, he helped Stalfor defile the Dark Paladin's temple. After Selenica was later taken over by the neo-monsters, Gandalph helped win the city back by summoning the Dark Paladin. The Dark Paladin destoryed all the neo-monsters in the city but also took Gandalph out as well. He also helped free Threshold from the neo-monster's grasp using a magical rainstorm. Gandalph has had two sons, the first by the thief Ellena Charisma, named Jon. The second was lost to a neo-monster attack before it was named. Gandalph is as skilled in the arts of bard and jester as he is at spell combinations, although he is just as likely to stand in the background of a fight and play his bamboo flute.

True Historical Origin of the Chronicles

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The Chronicles

These are the chronicles, in order. However, some may not be dated yet.

For the official historical record, visit The Golden Scroll.