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Topic Reply in Email (version 0.1.1)
by Angelo Bertolli
This mod is for phpBB 2.0.22. For people watching for replies to threads, this mod will provide the actual contents of the reply, not just a link to view the post. The post is parsed and sent in an email-friendly format.

Ice Queen Game
by Angelo Bertolli
An old-style RPG game written in Pascal

Macbeth Game
by Angelo Bertolli
Another DOS game--a simple war game based on Shakespeare's Macbeth.

PhotoAlbum 0.3 (zip)
by Angelo Bertolli
An unfinished project to create an online photo album (demo). The only thing it needs is to be able to upload, delete, and edit the photos from the Administrator section. It's under the GPL, so be my guest.

Procreator (exe)
by Bahumuth
A set of text-based games written for GWBASIC.

D&D Treasure Roller (zip)
by Angelo Bertolli
An old program written for DOS which rolls treasures for the original Dungeons & Dragons game. Rolls treasure based either on the Basic D&D Rule Books, or the D&D Cyclopedia. Almost 100% of the treasure charts are in this program (everything except for intelligent swords, talents, etc).

Skull Dice (exe)
by Angelo Bertolli
A mindless dice-rolling game with unique rules. Ronald McDonald's Beer & Ale. Play the game and find out! Title screen made with SigZag99.

Documents & Articles

Rsync Scripts
Some scripts to help keep your documents synchronized across machines

ViM Notes
Some notes on how to set up/use vi (or more precisely ViM)

Matrix Multiplication Algorithm
matrix multiplication using one-dimensional arrays

CD Burning on Linux
notes on how to burn a CD on linux

Digital Rights Management
My experience with DRM and Windows Media Player

Bash and Spaces
Using for loops in bash when your list contains items with spaces.

suPHP Hacks
How to allow group writeable PHP files with suPHP.

Other Software
Web Album Generator

Linux on Drugs
(105K, May 31, 2004)

This is what happens when Linux is on drugs.
Please talk to your Linux about Windows before it's too late.