Tantala, Neutral Sprite

Height: 4"
Weight: 4 oz
Hair: black
Eyes: violet
Home: Alfheim
Birth: ?
Personality: playful, childish

Tantala's playful, not quite as michievous as typical sprites, but michievous enough. Her childish and curious nature can be annoying, but most people don't seem to mind. Tantala was Spirit's best friend as a child. Spirit was just about the only human she would talk to. When Spirit went to adventure, Tantala was sad, but she understood. She found a friend in Gandalph the Wizard who became the Magistrate of Selenica. Gandalph always gave her something to question and learn about. Gandalph sent her to guid the adventurers who were going to destroy the Curse of Glantri. With childish infatuation she began to take interest in Corvus. She tried to show him in her own way, but he just didn't understand. She cried when he didn't return from the Lair of the White Widow. During the adventure she also became friends with Dilvish, an elf whom she considers a friend.