Sadie, Neutral Thief

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown
Home: Selenica streets
Birth: 876
Personality: sweet, lost

Sadie has a pretty face and a good personality, but what most people notice most is her body, perfect since she was seventeen. She's not pure strain human since her great grandmother was an elf. Sadie was always a street child. She worked the Metallic Beholder Pub and Ronald McDonald's Beer & Ale when she got the chance and never had any trouble getting the job. One day, a man who called himself Max visited her and strangely professed undying love. She was swept off her feet and went to Corunglain with him. After she had given birth to a son, Max left, taking the child with him. She was still beautiful and her body was returning back to shape. She worked the streets trying to gain enough money to get back to Selenica. She was lured outside the city and was captured by the Dark Knights and enslaved. One day she saw a chance to get away and took it, running as fast as she could. The soldiers of the knights were on her trail as she ran, but they ran into trouble--a noble band of adventurers who stopped them and she escaped.

One of the adventurers, Dilvish followed her into town and became her next customer. He also seemed to care, but it wasn't overly evident. He bought her some new clothes and then left. Sadie visited the guard barracks as often as she could to get more money. The guard, however, were often drunk and she was beat occasionally. She eventually raised enough money and joined a merchant going back to Selenica. Back in Selenica she went to the Metallic Beholder Pub and worked there until it closed. She went back to working the streets of Selenica, trying to sustain life. Shadow Elves came in and took over Selenica. The King of Selenica was nowhere to be found, and the Shadow Elves took over all the establishments, save one--Ronald McDonald's Beer & Ale. They destroyed Maynard's Magic Shop, and occupied the Metallic Beholder Pub too. Now most of the people of Selenica were as bad off as Sadie or even worse.

She met an elf named Morpheus, and tried to help him and the resistance against the Shadow Elves. She rescued him after being captured by some Shadow Elf soldiers, and helped him hide in Selenica. She joined him with others who went to ask for aid from the Dwarves of Rockwater.