Prudence Decor, Lawful Fighter

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 144 lbs
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Home: Selenica
Birth: 868
Personality: brave, honest

Prudence is honest and brave. She tries to uphold good and is somewhat of a vigilante, seeking out evil in adventure. She has always been drawn to the road and a life of travelling. She is beautiful warrioress and she keeps her equipment repaired and clean. Prudence has blonde hair, blue eyes, and she dresses in white under her silvery armor. She is very concerned with helping people and the greater good. She has a serious personality and tends not to make many friends with other adventurers, but she has no real enemies. Her favorite weapon is the spear or pike. She spends time spreading law through her deeds.

When Prudence was young, her parents took a boy off the street and adopted him. The boy was her own age and they were both told that they were twins, which Prudence still holds to be true. When their parents, good and righteous, died, Prudence demanded that Marcus enter a clerical order as their parents would want. Marcus, however, was destroyed by their deaths and left angrily. Prudence was already training to become a soldier, but now she visited the temple more often. Along with Marcus, Dilvish, and some others, she helped destroy the evil of Illfrith the Ice Queen. On this quest, she met an elf named Landon and fell in love. She would not make love to him without marriage, and he died before theyever felt each other's passion. Returning to Selenica, Prudence heard of the Castle of the Black Knight that was now vacant. After talking with Marcus and clearing the score, Prudence felt her life change. She became more peaceful and dropped her weapons. She did not believe in shedding blood anymore. She converted the castle into the Church of Selenica and took care of the farmers who lived there. She continued this until one day she had a very strange experience. Something called her in a dream. When she went to see what it was, she was attacked, in a surreal dream-like world. She saw dead loved ones, and she knew that she couldn't let them die in vain. She realized that her job wasn't done. With that, she left the Church of Selenica in the care of Galin the Wise. She went to defeat plagues such as the Dark Knights and Shadow Elves.