Naomi, Lawful Mystic

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Home: Temple of the Sun Dragon
Birth: 874
Personality: calm,stoic

Naomi is calm, cool, and collected. She is often silent, believing that actions make the best words. She is contemplative, however she still comes across as lovely and sweet. She does not believe in showing her emotions outwardly too much, and tries to keep her emotions in balance as much as possible. Naomi belongs to the former Order of the Sun Dragon 120 miles NE of Ylaruam. Her order was destroyed by the Order of the Black Crane, and the only other person alive from her order is Master Damian who had long since left the Sun Dragons. Naomi adopted a 4 year old son in Selenica after his parents were killed by werewolves, and she now owns a house in Selenica.