Marcus Copperblade, Neutral Thief

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Home: Selenica
Birth: 868
Personality: cowardly, friendly

Marcus has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He dislikes Baltar, but puts up with him rather than be killed. Marcus tends to go for the treasure in most situations, and is usually charming, but can be rude. He never fights to the death, prefering to live to fight another day. Marcus isn't really a coward, but he's smart and knows that he can be killed. He is very friendly to those he has nothing against. The three words that describe him most are: charm, treasure, and revenge.

When Marcus was very young, he lived on the streets of Selenica. However, a man and woman saw him one day and decided to adopt him. They also had a daughter named Prudence of the same age. Later, when he was grown, his foster parents died, Prudence urged him to go into a clerical order as they had wished. Marcus rejected this and took to the streets again, becoming a common theif. He had many quarrels with Baltar, and Baltar was often the object of his revenge.

Years later, Marcus fell in love with Spirit. She rejected him at first. He did not give up and they finally wed in the year 893. Their marriage only lasted for a year or two until Spirit's death. Marcus went on to avenge Spirit's death. He succeeded with the help of his good friend, Dilvish. Marcus was killed by Shadow Elves in the Valley of the Kings.