Leanna the Werewolf

Leanna Strongarm, Neutral Magic-user

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 129 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Home: Mt. Silverstar
Birth: 871

Leanna was infected with lycantheropy and found herself in the company of werewolves. They welcomed her in, and though she was a werewolf too, she did not share their lust for blood and the flesh of victims. She found herself caught up in the lifestyle, struggling with it and no hope in sight. The werewolves, who lived on Mt. Silverstar, would raid nearby towns for food. Mt. Silverstar is a very beautiful and exhilarating place. You can see for miles--the vision is so clear. Sounds are crisp, and fresh scents float through a cool breeze. One day she decided to find her own way, so she left without a word, and roamed the streets of cities far and wide. She was very lonely, seeing others embracing in windows at night.


While wandering northward toward the Broken Lands, she came upon an elf who was being guided eastward by a human. Intriqued, she follwed them, where she saw them face a Sphinx. Amazingly, the elf was able to solve the Sphinx's riddle, and it revealed to them the location of Safehearth, a village watched over by the Lost Shrine of the Black Hills. The elf noticed Leanna, and confronted her. Instead of rejecting her, he welcomed her to travel with them. The elf introduced himself as Dilvish and his friend as Marcus. He explained that he was helping Marcus find a burial place for his dead love, the Lost Shrine of the Black Hills. Leanna was still cautious, travelling with them half the time, then following them from a distance. She didn't want them to find out about her secret. After the burial rites were complete, they began to journey back to Selenica. Leanna grew to like Dilvish, but she could still not grow too attached. In a bar in Favaro, Dilvish was suddenly attacked by a cloak figure. Fortunately Leanna saw the assassin coming, and using magic alerted Dilvish. The cloak figure ran.

After that, during their travels, Dilvish confronted Leanna on her secrecy. Unfortunately, the timing was bad, and she became a werewolf, clawing his face quickly, she ran away. She left, hating herself and going back to Mt. Silverstar, she promised herself she would have to accept what she was from now on. It was only years later, that Dilvish found her again and promised not to leave her. He even married her, though the lycanthropy was lethal to him. One glorious day, while wandering a dungeon created by Ronald, they found a cure to her lycantheropy. She was ecstatic, and has been happy with Dilvish ever since.