Elyra Aflame, Chaotic Cleric

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Home: Alfheim
Birth: 873
Personality: cruel, petty

Elyra is incredibly beautiful with deep brown eyes and long hair as black as a moonless night. Elyra has lead a confusing and hard life. As a child she was abducted by Agryl, the Black Knight and made to be his mistress at the tender age of 14. She is the only one still alive that knows the true origin of the Sword of Chaos. Elyra escaped the Black Knight one day and found she had nowhere to go. When the Black Knight lost the Sword, Elyra went to find it in hope that he would take her back without hurting her. She hired Drolen, leader of a band of theives in Alfheim to help her. However, in doing so, she encountered Baltar who was also going for the Sword. She decided to travel with him.

Baltar's influence was good for Elyra. She became content with life, energetic and cautious in her adventures with Baltar. They married in 892 and she gave birth to a daughter, Zelda. She became more and more good natured as she took the responsibility for her child and truly loved Baltar. She began to feel the pain of an unfaithful husband when Baltar had affairs with Adrianna. At first, she was just suspicious, but she knew the truth after Adrianna attacked her and her daughter, and Baltar still let Adrianna travel with them. One night, she was seduced by an old acquaintance, Drolen. Baltar caught them in the act and attacked Drolen. Tears streaming down her cheeks, Elyra ran, carrying Zelda. She was stopped by thieves who beat her and stole her child. Baltar found her and cared for her, helping her regain strength. But now, with her child gone, she felt only gloom inside. Silently, she carried herself in sorrow.

Elyra and Baltar

Years later, she and Baltar heard news of their daughter at Natoka's Grave. Baltar rescued her from sacrificial rites and brought Elyra's spirits back up. However, these good times were not to last. In Baltar's careless selfishness, Zelda was slain with a horn of blasting and they were captured. They were imprisoned in Alfheim. Once Elyra's term was up, she left. Hearing that Baltar had escaped soon after their capture, she went to search for him, travelling west. She didn't find him, and went to the Serpent Isle in Lake Amsorak, brooding over her painful hatred of Baltar. She developed a sense of ambition and cunning hoping that it would gain her enough power to exact her unforgiving revenge upon Baltar. Deep inside, with a strong desire to belong, she is ironically autonomous.

Over the years Elyra started to look out more for Elyra instead. Elyra posed as Erik the Dark Avenger, making his first appearance as an aid to the Dark Knights. Erik tried to rob Baltar of his items, but Baltar unveiled his true identity. Since then, Elyra has gone back to her old self, and is still looking out for number one, and still helping Baltar, the Master of Darkness.