Dilvish Darin Strongarm, Neutral Elf

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Home: Alfheim
Birth: 674
Personality: kind, helpful

Though Dilvish has had warlike flashes and desires for revenge, he is basically good natured. He is often helpful and kind to those he meets, and isn't ambitious for power he doesn't deserve. Dilvish has brown hair and blue eyes. He has some heritage in Glantri and is somewhat an exotic warrior. He was once heir to the throne of Glantri, and later held the title King of Glantri. He weilds the lengendary Trollsfire sword. He has married and loves dearly his wife Leanna. Dilvish's claim to Glantri lies in the fact that he married the princess of Glantri, Avena. However the Council of Glantri decided to do away with the title of King, and Dilvish took Avena south to a small almost hidden town of Carthington Cross. When Dilvish went off, Avena left their twin children there with the maid. Dilvish hasn't seen them since.

Dilvish rescued Avena, princess of Glantri and married her in 891. For the well-being of Glantri, he left to Akorros where he fought the Troll and became a hero there. He fell prey to gargoyles and was slain. However, through his great love for Avena and Glantri, he was granted return to the Material Plane months later. When he went to Glantri, he found the Council of Wizards ruling and Avena was gone. Eventually finding her, they lived in the lost village of Carthington Cross for a few months. He found that Avena had given birth to twins, Kain and Gwenneth, about a year after they were married. He left to defeat the Master of Darkness and avenge the death of his good friend Turis. Avena left 17 hundred gold pieces with a maid in Carthington Cross and then followed him. Unfortunately, she never came back and Dilvish barely escaped with his life. Dilvish has since met another love, Leanna. He helped Leanna through her times of lycanthropy and even married her. Dilvish helped to destroy the Curse of Glantri. Dilvish helped rebuild Glantri after its fall to the barbarians and has almost forgotten about Avena and his children.