Corvus the Conjurer, Neutral Magic-user

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 158 lbs
Hair: golden
Eyes: brown
Home: Akesoli
Birth: 897

Corvus was naive and strong-willed. He was strikingly handsome and had the enthusiasm of a young adventurer. What catches most people's eyes is his brilliant yellow cloak. Corvus is a very talented user, using quick motions and makes no error. Corvus was trained in Akesoli under the same mentor as Vanessa. He never really got to know Vanessa very well. She was just an acquaintance. Against his mentor's warnings, he left to adventure. He still studied magic and was so skilled that he even created his own. Eventually, Corvus went on a quest to rid Glantri of it's Curse. Entrusted to him was the Ring of Power which was given to him by the Magistrate of Selenica, Gandalph. Unfortunately, he never got to see the Curse removed and his body was dissolved by a gray ooze in the year 897.

Meeting Corvus and Fleetwood

(Outside of Favaro which has been turned to stone:)

The figure dismounts and reveals himself. He's a young, blonde man, about 17 or 18 years old. He wears a yellow cloak, a half-open darkish white shirt (faded or dirty), and brown, light leather pants. At his feet are tough, unused boots and at his side a dagger. He is strinkingly handsome and talks with athe naive enthusiasm of a young adventurer (Charisma 17). "Hail, noble adventurers. I am Corvus the Conjurer. What has happened to this once prosperous town?"

"More like 'Corvus the Milksop,'" comes a hearty chuckle. You look to see a seasoned fighter of his early 30s clad in plate and chain armor. He wears a fur-lined cloak and stands majestically as his hand rests upon his sword's hilt.

"Bite thy tongue or be taught a lesson!" shouts the boy.

"Whoa," smiles the fighter. "I'm sorry; I meant nothing by it." He approaches you three as Corvus is still red and flustered. "Tell me boy, have you ever saved a damsel?"

"I am no 'boy'; I am Corvus the Conjurer, and no I haven't. I've never had the need." His tone becomes arrogant.

"Try it sometime; they can be very grateful," he gives you all a wink. "Do you know just how many Conjurers there are? ... Corvus the Conjurer, eh? There's hundreds of ya."

"Not anymore," stands Corvus, getting slightly defensive. "Glantri's been cursed and I'm going to remove that curse, becoming the most reknown magic user in the land."

"That's a nice piece of fantasy there, young one. Do you intend on doing it alone?"

"I don't need any help from the likes of you. Will somebody please tell me what happened to this town? I needed to buy food here."

"This would most likely be the work of Bargle the Infamous, the most widely known of all rogue magic users." Hmmm, Bargle... Bargle, where have you heard that name before? Oh well, maybe it will come to you later.

"You're just saying that because that's the only magic user you know of. Bargle hasn't done anything for many years. The last time he was spotted causing trouble I was only twelve years old," states Corvus.

"That doesn't mean much," claims the fighter. "Anyway, can you think of anyone else who is that powerful?"

"It seems to me," says Corvus changing the subject, "that you've failed to give your name noble warrior."

"I am called Fleetwood the Blademaster and I was around to battle Bargle when he made his first appearances near Alfheim." You both have been silently listening until now, however Fleetwood turns to you. "What have you two got to say? Who are you?"