Carnelia Belcadiz, Neutral Elf

Height: 5'
Weight: 78 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Home: Belcadiz
Birth: 820
Personality: short-tempered, level-headed

Carnelia wears her black hair long and curly. She is petite, dark, brooding, and very beautiful. She's very short tempered, but at the same time she's level-headed and patriotic. Despite her bad qualities, Carnealia seems good natured. However, there is a reason for caution because she could also be very ambitious.

When Glantri was still strong, Carnelia had problems with Baltar who, through illusion, claimed to be the King of Corunglain. She did not succeed in capturing him, but when she met Dilvish, she found out who he was. When Glantri fell to the barbarians, Carnelia went among the people of Belcadiz and disguised herself as a peasant. When she found that her magic had come back, she was ecstatic and used the opportunity to drive the barbarians out of Belcadiz. Though Carnelia has ambitions, she would never retrieve the God Knife and let the Curse of Glantri fall upon the land again. Carnelia came to respect Dilvish in his handling of Glantri City, but at the same time considers him to be absent-minded most of the time.

Carnelia is working on restoring Glantri. The northwest part of the city has been in ruins and rebuilt over, making a great nest for theives, but Carnelia also has a hideout there. She tries to negotiate with the barbarians to get them to leave, and has begun training schools for magic users in the castle. Luckily most of the Glantri Library was untouched.