Bargle, Chaotic Magic-user

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: dk gray
Eyes: brown
Home: Ruined Mansion
Birth: 860

Bargle the Infamous is a reknown wizard gone rogue. He made his first appearances when Dilvish and Baltar started their careers. He set up a base in the Ruined Mansion just north of Alfheim Town. He was defeated by Baltar and Dilvish, but barely escaped with his life. Since then, he gained power over the course of many years, until he was a powerful wizard rivaled only by the greatest. He made his home just within the Sacred Cave on the edge of the Broken Lands, and protected it and the Temple of the Sun from Shadow Elves and monsters (unknown to the clerics). His ambition led him to finding new exotic spells, and magical books and supplies of all kinds. He stole the Books of Fire, Ice, Illusion, and the Spider, along with other spells. He also stole nearly the entire treasury of Darokin, causing the King of Darokin, Master Flint, to send people to get it back. He was seeking the Book of Darkness and the Book of Thorns when he was killed by Dilvish and Leif with their friends. Bargle took out six out of the nine in the party before he was defeated, and disappeared. He almost escaped, but on his way to get healing from the Sacred Cave Leif found him limping through the cave, and killed him on the spot.