Baltar Himismickle, Chaotic Fighter

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Home: Selenica
Birth: 867
Personality: vengeful, dominating, greedy

Baltar has gray hair, black eyes, and dresses in black. He has carried many titles for himself including the Black Knight and the Master of Darkness. He has been married to Elyra, but shows little care or feeling for her or for such silly things as love anymore. His favorite weapon is the Sword of Chaos. Baltar has resided in the Ruined Mansion, Black Castle, and the Fortress of Darkness. His first adventures occured in Alfheim forest. Baltar makes a powerful friend, and a relentless foe.


Baltar has some sense of honor, but can also be selfish, dishonest, and unforgiving. He has had many titles gained through his adventures including the Black Knight, the Master of Darkness, and the Avenger of Chaos. Baltar has been on many adventures and has defeated many monsters. When he was first starting out, he and Dilvish defeated Bargle at the Ruined Mansion. Baltar was able to steal the Coin of Many Colors which lead to his receiving the Sword of Chaos. In doing so, he met his first and only "true" love, Elyra. Elyra was made for him. She augmented him and his ambitions excellently. All this began to fall apart when he started having affairs with Adrianna, an amber dragon. Elyra finally left Baltar in anger when their daughter was killed in one of Baltar's adventures.

Baltar's material sense of greed is only rivaled by his great desire to dominate. As the Avenger of Chaos he had many followers. After so many years, he was able to ride again into battle with his friend, the Sword of Chaos as a true warrior. Baltar helped destroy the Curse of Glantri. Since then, he has reclaimed his throne as the Master of Darkness, commanding armies from the Broken Lands.

Sword of Chaos

The Sword of Chaos was forged by Agryl the Black Knight, and designed with the intent to kill lawful clerics. It is not complete without it's neutral counterpart: The Coin of Many Colors. Legends have it that the sword will become a great force of Evil if it should ever be made whole again.