Avena of Glantri, Neutral Fighter

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair: red/blonde
Eyes: green
Home: Glantri City
Birth: 875
Personality: trusting, forgiving

Avena, a reknown archer, was the Princess of Glantri. She did not adventure much. She was married to Dilvish out of love even though the marriage was arranged. Her father, a half-elven magic-user, was King of Glantri until the Council took direct control once again after a mission to destroy the threat in Malpheggi Swamp failed. After being driven out of Glantri by the forces from Malpheggi, Avena gave birth to Dilvish's first two children, Kain and Gwenneth. She later found Dilvish and they made a home in the simple town of Carthington Cross in the lands of Darokin. When Dilvish went to fight the Master of Darkness who had killed his life-long friend, Turis, Avena secretly followed and left her children in the care of a maid, leaving them 1700 gp until she got back. Unfortunately she never returned. Avena died at the Fortress of Darkness when she tried to go and help Dilvish defeat Baltar. She was backstabbed by Samantha Charisma.