My True Love

by Edmund Allison

I know someday, somewhere there'll be,

that perfect girl just right for me.

Who'll love me for who I am, however moody I may be.

For I am a romantic, as any can plainly see.

For what good is life, if alone you must be.

Someone to love, and to me do the same,

for her I will swoon at the sound of her name.

with her I will share the joys and sorrows of my day,

for to open my heart makes me happy and gay,

I have my ambitions I mean to fulfil,

but alone I have learned all that means nil,

for all I want is a friend who'll be there,

my good times and bad, all that we will share,

with a laugh and a smile she'll color my day,

and ne'er again will my skies be gray.

who knows who she is, she may even be you,

but my love for her will always be true.

you may think I'm crazy, should be taken away,

but from my convictions I never will sway.