by Edmund Allison

Eagle flying above the sky, does't thou look below and wonder why,

You are aloof, above, the comforts of everyday life you decry

Haven't you looked below, wondering at the scene of safety and content

And longed to live among them, gaining the world's love and consent

As you behold the vast canvas of the sky, free to revel in a vision of beauty so sublime

only one regret, an arrow of melancholy to defile your world of light

that there is none to fly beside you,

your heart understood, reflected, drowned in beams of love so bright

but then there is a vision, one of your kind with words of love

"don't give up your dream, hold fast to your journey onward and above"

so this is for the others, in search of deeper insight

think not of those who judge you, search your heart,and follow what is right