Angelo Bertolli

About me...

My name is Angelo Bertolli. I'm a caucasian male, born in Englewood, Colorado on July 6th, 1978. (Hmmm... John Lennon was still alive then...) I was born under the sign of Cancer, though I don't think I'm prone to it. My father is from Italy, and met my mother in Florida after he moved to the United States.

But enough about them, we were talking about me. I'm cool, smart, funny, and most of all, modest. What do I look like? I'm about 5'8" and weigh around 165 lbs. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I was born under a new moon, kinda eerie, huh? I'm religious, though not overly... I'm Roman Catholic. I'm majoring in Computer Science. My intentions are to work programming. Oh, and my blood type is A positive.

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